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Nibû is a real-time strategy game set in the ancient near east.Choose between 3 different allied factions, build your base and hold on to the oncoming hordes of the enemies. Be challenged by different 3 different scenarios.War has brought ruin upon the world of the Ashur Union. The allied "Horde" has destroyed a large part of their standing army and is winning decisively.The few battles that decide their fate are in your hands!FeaturesRTS Style unit control and constructionFight enemies on an epic scale with hordes of enemies attacking your baseUnique nemesis' that challenge specific skills and managementFortify your base and lay out trapsFull control over your economy, assign units to farms, agriculture, forests and minesBuild large cities, sustain your economyRecruit large armies to dominate your foesProtect your CaptiolDefend yourself from armies and hordes that grow continuously stronger and require more tactical maneuvers to beat


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